Death & I - EP

by Serosa

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released August 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Serosa Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: Repress
I. Repress:

How do I live?
How do I live with this pain?
The ache is slowly killing me.
Tell me that this is just a dream.
I've been tearing myself apart at the seams.
Track Name: Slow Burn (feat. Jorge Sotomayor)
II. Slow Burn:

"Just let go of the past...", is the last thing that you said to me.
How did you expect me to live like this?
Your lies were never clear to see.
How am I to trust in somebody that never believed in me?
You call me "weak".
That's something that I'm used to hearing from all of these fake fucking people, with no fucking feelings.
I've lost all feeling.
And now I don't feel like myself.
Dropping to my knees just to hear somebody else tell me that it will be alright, that I will be okay.
But I never believed a single word that you said.
I don't believe a single word that you said to me, no.
So, here's to failing in your eyes.
Just know that I will never look to the sky again, and hope to God that you take me back in.
I have fallen, flat on my face.
I have fallen, and I can't seem to breathe.
I have fallen, no I never needed your help.
I have fallen for myself, not for anybody else.
I have fallen for myself, not for anybody else.
If you think I'm afraid, why don't you come see for yourself.
I don't need your sympathy.
You lying fuck one day you'll rot in hell, and then you'll see that I'm the farthest thing from weak.
Track Name: False Front
III. False Front:

I'm so sick of all of this hate.
I can feel the earth beneath my feet, drenched in this treachery.
But will... But will... Please tell me, will it ever stop?!
I'm caught in between what is real and what is not.
Oh please, oh please, I'm done with all of these games.
Just let me walk this bridge to my fucking grave.
Oh, just let it last, because once I meet the soil, it all comes crashing back.
I'll take one more step and feel the end of happiness.
But is it also a lie?
The same lie I've been hiding behind my eyes.
I've been hiding behind my fucking eyes.
Now life is too far out of my reach.
And death is slowly taking over me.
Track Name: Hollow
IV. Hollow:

Show me the light, because I can barely see.
This pain that I feel in my chest is slowly growing on me.
Let me go.
Just let me go and let me breathe.
It's pointless to think that this feeling will ever leave me.
I've said it before.
And I'll say it again.
Death is pulling me in, and I've never been so deep.
And now I'm in too deep.
I've forced myself to believe that nobody should see what I've been hiding underneath.
I've been hiding all the madness, all the regret and the tears.
But it's too hard to admit to myself, that I am my own worst fear.
I am my own worst fear.
Now show me what it means to be alive; Death and I, so bound.